Dabrafenib (4) (Tafinlar®) – Melanoma, BRAF V600 mutation, combination with trametinib, adjuvant therapy


Start date 01.10.2018
Resolution 22.03.2019
Limitation date 01.04.2024 limitation repealed
INN Dabrafenib
Brand name Tafinlar®
Pharm. company Dossier: Novartis Pharma GmbH
New distributor: NOVARTIS Pharma GmbH
G-BA procedure ID 2018-10-01-D-383
ATC code L01XE23
DDD 0.3 g O
Therapeutic area Oncological diseases
Reason for procedure New Indication
Specialty Special practice conditions

Indication (German)

Dabrafenib in combination with trametinib is indicated for the adjuvant treatment of adult patients with Stage III melanoma with a BRAF V600 mutation, following complete resection.

Subpopulation Indication Comparator
Indicated in combination with trametinib for the adjuvant treatment of adult stage III melanoma patients with a BRAF V600 mutation after complete resection. Observational waiting

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