Additional benefit by number of patients

When taking the number of patients in each of subgroup into account, the no additional benefit assessments apply to xx% of the total population of xx million possible patients so far.  A non-quantifiable benefit was shown for xx% of this total patient population. A minor benefit was shown for xx%, a considerable additional benefit for xx% and a major additional benefit for just ~xx% of the total patient population.

The table below lists the additional benefit by number of procedures, subgroups and patients.

Additional benefitResolutions (610)Subgroups (1,126)Patients (107.8m)
major benefit1.3%0.8%0.0%
considerable benefit18.5%13.9%4.6%
minor benefit18.0%15.5%18.7%
non-quant. benefit19.7%18.9%0.8%
no additional benefit42.3%49.6%75.6%
less benefit0.2%0.4%0.2%